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New in 2016 we now have over 1400 feet of new concrete floats with power!  


Come tie up for your overnight stay and relax knowing you are safely tied up and worry free for the night.  Enjoy your stay however you wish. You can keep to yourself, or mingle and trade boating stories with fellow boaters that are at the dock with you. Maybe even meet new boating partners to team up to travel with and create new stories!  You can enjoy the spectacular mountain views from every spot at the dock.  


Be sure to explore our beautiful well-maintained uplands and forest trails and viewpoints and get that exercise your sea-legs may need!  Safely moor your vessel at the dock and take the dinghy to explore beautiful Toba Inlet and the warm waters of Pendrell Sound.

Moorage Rates 2023:

Overnight moorage June and September $3.75 per foot LOA / per night 

Overnight moorage July and August $4.25 per foot LOA / per night


Our all inclusive overnight moorage rate includes:

  • Deep water tie up on our sturdy wide concrete floats in these beautiful, peaceful surroundings.

  • 30 and/or 50 Amp power

  • Guaranteed no forced rafting.

  • Clean, clear, triple filtered, UV treated fresh water (water supply has always been abundant at Toba Wilderness Marina!)

  • Party Ice

  • Bathroom facilities including hot showers

  • Satellite internet WiFi 

  • Garbage drop off (for overnight guests only. 1 bag per overnight stay. limited excess may be accepted for a fee)

  • Access to our well-maintained upland and easy-to-follow trails.

Moorage Information:  (No on-shore accommodation facilities available)

Overnight Moorage Only:  

  • By reservation. Please contact us well in advance to check availability. 

  • Upon approach, please call on VHF 66A before tying up at the dock so we can guide you to your spot. 

  • We can berth vessels up to 200 feet.

  • For our overnight guests we we have fresh water, party ice, washroom/shower facilities, peace and quiet, beautiful uplands and a network of well-maintained trails to hike.

  • We do not have any kind of store, restaurant or fuel services.

  • We do not have cabins or camping facilities to offer.  

  • No hot tub (there has been some misinformation published in this regard).

Extended Term Moorage (Boat Watch):

  • Extended term/boat watch/full season moorage is now available.

  • Vessels up to 200 feet.

  • Have a spot held and available for your boat for the whole season.

  • Fly-in/Fly-out with Northwest Seaplanes or carrier of your choice and leave your boat safe and secure.

  • Personalized care.  No more worrying about losing power (refrigeration) while you are away.

  • On site security. 

  • Contact to discuss

Please Note:

  • Facilities are for overnight guests only 

  • Complimentary short term temporary moorage is allowed for float plane service pickup/drop off only -- access to wifi/facilities/trails not included. 

  • We do not have any kind of store, food services, or fuel services at this time.  

  • No public WiFi or phone service.  No stopping in to use Phone/WiFi. (Unless emergency obviously)  Our WiFi service is     for overnight guests only. 

  • No temporary moorage/stopping in, just to use our bathroom facilities.  Facilities are for overnight guests only.

  • Anchoring in the bay where we are located to dinghy over to our facility is not appreciated or suggested.  Be warned, old logging refuse and dock anchor lines below.  


  • Dogs are of course allowed with overnight moorage, but must be kept on a leash and must cleaned up after.

  • Dogs must be kept on the boat or on a leash.

  • No temporary moorage/stopping in for dog walking.

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